10 Graphic Design Trends for 2021 that are Modern & Minimal

Updated: Feb 12

There were a lot of trending designs from 2020 that will hopefully stick around in 2021. Here are 10 of my favorite. Make sure to click on the images to visit the designers' portfolio and discover more of their amazing work.

1. Collages

First on the list are collages. A collage is a style of art that uses the technique of combining different elements into a composition. It's traditionally created by gathering random objects like magazine clippings, fabric, dried plants etc. and gluing them onto a canvas. However collages have made their way into the digital world. Handel Eugene has done an amazing job at designing his take on this new graphic trend.

2. Textures

Han Del Eugene

Texture has been gaining momentum this past year in graphic design. Many artists are using texture to add depth and a level of realism to their work. In reality, organic elements are often oddly shaped and carry a variety of shapes and textures. Nothing is a flat color. So by adding texture the artist allows the viewer a chance to escape into the digital world without losing the familiar qualities we see in the real one. This piece was also nicely done by Handel Eugene.

3. Negative Space

Of course negative space is nothing new in the digital world. Most design experts will tell you it is one of the most important aspects of great design. However with the ever growing popularity of the minimalist movement, there has a been a newfound appreciation for this style. Artists now understand the importance of allowing a design to "breath" as well as adding a sense of calmness for the viewer. This web design by Anton Skvortsov is by far one of the best web designs I've ever seen. And I'm not the only one. This piece alone has over 45k views and nearly 2k saves on Probably one of the best performing shots on the platform.

4. Hands

The use of hands in photography and design were hands down (pun intended) one of the most popular trends of 2020. And if you haven't seen it where have you been? Im not sure who or what ignited this trend, but it's everywhere and I don't see it going away anytime soon. This refreshingly calm web design was done by Barbara Skrodzka She incorporated the use of hand photography beautifully in her layout.

5. Natural Elements

If it's one thing the pandemic of 2020 has taught us it's the importance caring for our planet. And this concern directly affects our own health and well-being. We've seen more and more artists incorporating natural elements into their designs. And this wonderful lettering art and animation by Ian Barnard and Cub Studio is the perfect example of just that. It's a reminder for us to get back to nature.

6. Ceramics

Ceramics have evolved from the normal and sometimes boring shapes of dishes into a piece of expressive art that you can not only eat on but use as decor and props for photography. We've seen a lot of designers use photos of these modern and fun shaped vessels as a focal point for their web designs. This lovely website design was created by Barbara Skrodzka and perfectly compliments the overall minimal mood she successfully conveyed in this design.

7. Hand Lettering Art

Hand Lettering has been around for many centuries. After all, there was once a time before computers where artists had to create signs and books entirely by hand. Imagine trying to write a 300 page book by hand with no undo button! Yikes. But even though things have become easier in this digital age, we still have a tendency to revert back to the historic way of doing things. This hand lettering art was created by Tyler Elise Blinderman in the procreate app. She did such a superb job at perfecting the letter shapes that you almost can't tell it was done by hand.

8. Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes and bold colors have been extremely trendy and hopefully will continue on to be so in 2021. This design was created by an artist who no longer needs an introduction in this post as I've referred to his art several times. Once again a standing ovation for Handel Eugene And if you can't tell, Im a huge fan of his work!

9. Modern Serif Fonts

Serif fonts have taken on a new style this past year. Instead of the traditional thick and thin line balance you see in traditional serifs. Font designers have revolutionized it an expressive art form. They're added unusual swirls and curves to their typefaces. Making reading text so much more enjoyable. Mahdis Mosavi incorporated this modern style font into her web design and as you can see it really stands out!

10. Photo Masks

Sunuy Studio

Probably one of my favorite trends of 2020 that I hope will stick around in 2021 are photos masked into shapes. Arched shaped photos combined with overlapping bold text has been extremely trendy this past year. This design was made by me and Im really happy with how it came out. If you're loving this trend then stick around for my upcoming tutorial on how to design this exact design using keynote.


We don't know what new designs will spring up in 2021. But I hope that many of the designs listed here are timeless enough withstand the test of years to come. Comment below your favorite.

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