My Favorite Handwritten Aesthetic Fonts for 2021

Handwritten fonts are gaining more and more popularity these days because of their resemblance to natural handwriting. They can display a more personal feel when you use them in your logos, on your website and even brand packaging. So here is a round up of my favorite fonts for 2021.

1. Palmer Lake

Palmer Lake by Jen Wagner

Palmer Lake is a font by Jen Wagner. Jen has always created some amazingly trendy typefaces and this one is no different. I love this font simply because it just makes me happy! The soft round curves of each ligature is soothingly balanced making it perfect for lettering quotes. I also love the colors she used to display this font. The bright tones compliment this typeface perfectly and reflect the fun nature of the font.

2. Southgirl

Southgirl by Megi Satyo

Southgirl is a Handwritten Font by Megi Satyo. When I saw this font my first thought was the state of California. I'm not sure why maybe it because of the palm tree shadows and peachy tones he used to to display the font or maybe its the distressed brushed strokes that are commonly used in beachy ads. All I know is that when I look at it I am immediately drawn back to my time in San Diego. It's aesthetically feminine and timeless. If you're looking for the perfect font to display a quote or to use as your name logo, this is it.

3. Surfer's Paradise

Surfer's Paradise font duo by Creativeqube Design

Surfer's Paradise is by Creativeqube Design. All of their fonts are beautiful and I personally love the aesthetic of their shop in general. This particular font is one of my favorites from their collection. They did an exceptional job at pairing a distressed san serif with a handwritten script font. The contrast of these two styles create a balance that is perfect for creating headers and youtube thumbnails.

4. Fernando Willow

Fernando Willow by Creativeqube Design

Fernando Willow is also a font by Creativeqube Design. This font is a handwritten style with a romantic feel. Mainly because they chose hearts for the swashes. You can choose to use either regular swashes or heart swashes making it a diverse font that is perfect for wedding invitations and save the dates.

5. Sebastian Bobby

Sebatian Bobby by Sam Parrett

Sebastian Bobby is a handwritten font by Sam Parrett. 3 words: I LOVE THIS FONT. okay thats actually 4. Most often when you think of a luxurious or timeless font you think of maybe a serif font with clean straight lines. But what if you don't want clean lines? I believe this handwritten font is the perfect substitute. It has a natural look about it that is also sophisticated and luxurious. You could type up a note or letter using this font and I don't think the reader would notice that it's actually a font.

6. Larianti

Larianti by Subectype Studio

Larianti is a monoline handwritten font by Subectype Studio. I really like monoline fonts like this because they have a smooth and consistent balance. I like this particular font because of the unusual style of the lowercase letter "t". Most font designers elongate the cross but this designer chose to shorten it making it memorable stand apart from other monoline typefaces.

7. Other Pen

Other Pen by Dima Evans

Other pen is a handwritten font by Dima Evans. Dima is a talented font designer mashaAllah and this font is one of my favorites. I like this font style because it is messy and fun. It reminds me of a note you would quickly scribble on a piece of the paper. I think Dima made this intentional to remove any notion of perfection making it a font that is more human and real. But at the same time he perfectly balanced the font with calm neutral colors to give a balanced display and keep focus on the design of this typeface.

8. Julia Edgar

Julia Edgar by PeachCreme

This Julia Edgar Font is by PeachCreme. I love the flow of this monoline font. It's very feminine and calming. And its confirmed by the way she chose to display the font in very calm soothing feminine scenes. This font is perfect for monogram logo designs and sleek packaging.

9. Suncatcher

Suncatcher by Mr. Typeman

The Suncatcher is a font by Mr. Typeman. This font is consistent with the styles of many monoline fonts but the bouncy letters makes it stand out. This font is perfect for quotes and logos. I like how the designer paired the display of this font with scenes of serene landscapes to help you get an idea and feel of how you can incorporate this font into your own designs.

10. Miss Confidential

Miss Confidential by Minna Kaario

Miss Confidential is a font designed by Minna Kaario. She did an amazing job of designing this font to resemble real handwriting. But unlike most handwriting it is sleek and legible. This font is great to be used as a signature font for a smart and classy brand.


So that concludes the list of my favorite handwritten fonts I hope you found it helpful and find some use for it in one of your designs.

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